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Neighborhood Watch

Old Farm Is a safe and quiet neighborhood.  Years ago, there was a "Neighborhood Watch" program put into place in Old Farm.  Its' purpose is to remind everyone to be observant of your surroundings.  If you see someone or something out of the ordinary,  please call the Frederick City Police non-emergency # 301-600-2101.  Call 911 for emergency situations.

Traffic Alert

Yellow Springs Rd at Old Farm Drive/Gate – Signal Pattern Changes

Due to recent incidents and citizen requests, the City will be modifying the traffic signal pattern on Yellow Springs Road at Old Farm Drive/Gate. Beginning on or about February 5, 2016, northbound and southbound Yellow Springs Road will be split phased -- each direction will receive its own green time, allowing mainline left-turning motorists to turn unobstructed, enhancing safety at the intersection.

Motorists traveling through this intersection should use extra caution and consider allowing a few extra minutes during the adjustment to the new traffic signal operation.


  • Shovel the snow every 3" to 4" if possible since this reduces physical strain;
  • Do not shovel snow into the street; this is illegal and safety hazard (ambulances and fire trucks, etc, can get stuck);
  • Park in your garage, driveway, or alley to enable snow plows to plow curb to curb;
  • Avoid parking on snow emergency routes since this will lead to ticketing and towing;
  • Shovel out fire hydrants so emergency responders can find them;
  • Shovel around storm drains since melting snow (next week is predicted to have 40 degree weather) will cause flooding of storm drains are sealed by snow/ice;
  • Commercial plow operators are not to push snow into the street from parking lots and driveways as well; if you see this occur, call 301-600-1440 and report it, including the name of the company and any other identification.
  • Stock up on any needed supplies in advance. Do not wait for the snow to start to go to the store.

Peter Brehm,
NAC 9 Co-coordinator

PS: Frederick must adhere to it is now illegal to blow grass and leaves into the street (Code Enforcement will fine violations with penalties up to $300). Instead, these materials should be raked and bagged for regular yard waste pick up. The ONLY exception to this is when the City undertakes its annual leaf pick up. I think this is a good idea regardless of any penalty since 1. Blowing yard waste into the street is not the best display of being a good neighbor and 2. More importantly, if we are serious about improving the quality of water in our watershed, keeping these materials and the nutrients they contain out of storm sewers and waterways will be a benefit.


In an effort to adhere to Federal, State and County imposed guidelines and meet the requirements of our National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit the City of Frederick is requiring all yard waste, including leaves and grass, be placed in acceptable recyclable bags or containers beginning January 4, 2016. Leaves, grass and other organic material are considered pollutants under the NPDES. The NPDES Stormwater Permit Program, established by the EPA in 1990, is focused on and intended to reduce pollutants entering our waterways. It regulates discharges from municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s), construction activities, industrial activities, and those designated by EPA due to water quality impacts.

The City’s Annual Leaf Campaign will not be affected. During the months of October, November and December leaves may be deposited at the curb for collection in accordance with The City of Fredericks schedule. Leaves may also be put in acceptable bags/containers for twice monthly Yard Waste Collection during this period. Residents can contact the Department of Public Works at 301-600-1440 to determine their schedule. Any leaves or grass deposited into the street between the months of January and September will be considered in violation of the City’s Charter & Code and subject to a fine not to exceed $300.00.

For more information please refer to the City Charter & Code Section 10 (

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